Burgeon Nutrition


Health is the byproduct of a nutritionally balanced individual.


My name is Sharayah, I offer nutrition coaching and education through Burgeon Nutrition. 

Nutrition fascinates me. I love cause and effect and learning the hows and whys of things in general but especially in relation to health, nutrition, and the human body. Using my education from Nutritional Therapy Association, I employ holistic methods to evaluate and then balance the body in the most natural way. One-on-one instruction, an understanding of how to navigate food choices in our modern world, and a unique bio-individual approach to nutrition are some of the tools I use to lead people to their healthiest bodies and minds.

We can’t undo years of poor nutrition and revamp our eating habits overnight, but we can start making healthy choices TODAY and begin our health transformation. For many people who use Nutritional Therapy, feeling better as soon the next meal is easily attainable by applying simple tips to aid in the oft misunderstood process of digestion.

Burgeon Nutrition offers a wide range of nutrition coaching options, from one-on-one nutrition consultations focused on a specific need (i.e. how to revamp your digestion, regain lost energy, boost your gut health) to in-depth guidance targeting specific nutritional deficiencies and leading you on a gradual plan to bring your body into balance.

Whichever path is right for you, I’m here to help guide you on your journey to excellent nutrition.